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Mission & Vision

Knowledge is the bridge of progress. To run a good school and create good talent people, is always be the only way to success. If a student know how to find knowledge by himself, he doesn't need to stay in school. We now have all the hardwares and softwares to complete this goal. It is time to leep forward into the unknown future.



Students are our greatest asset, we will do our best to take care of them.


Our school provide different kinds of activity for our students, including academic , sports and arts etc.


Learning is an active process, the most important thing is to let our student thinks learning is fun and willing to go on.


Every student is different. We provide tailer made classes for student with special talent.

Our Curriculum

We provide cources ranging from primary school to high school, both local and international. If your kids is planning to study aboard, our international curriculum will prepare them a good bridge for the future studies. We encourage our students to learn actively by self experience. More than half of the classes and in out door enviroment.

Addmission is all year round. Students interested in our school will be classified by learning ability. For non-English speaking students, we have Spanish, French and Potogese bridging cources for preparation. We want all of our students to have healthy and fit body, so there are at least one hour of physical training lesson everyday.

Primary School Course
International Course
High School Course
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